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Sales & Installation of New or Replacement systems

The two most common types of air conditioners are central air systems (whole house) and room air conditioners. There is also a blend of these two systems, which is the ductless, mini-split air conditioner. We have included information on the Central air and ductless systems in the paragraphs below. For more information or to schedule a Free, No Obligation In-Home Estimate click here to Contact Us.

Central Air Systems

Commonly called central air is an air conditioning system using either air ducts to distribute cooled and/or dehumidified air, throughout the home, or using pipes to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers also throughout the home.

With a split-system, the condenser and compressor are located outside the home in a separate unit; the inside unit includes the evaporator which is mounted in the air handler unit. The indoor and outdoor units work together to cool or condition the air in the home. In a packaged system, all components are located in a single outdoor unit. See LENNOX Central Air conditioning products.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

These air conditioners are extremely quiet, efficient and have many potential applications and advantages. For homes or businesses that do not have central air conditioning, they can be a perfect alternative to a window air conditioning unit since they are much quieter and more secure.

Ductless systems are quieter than window units since they have two main components: The nosier outdoor unit with the compressor and condenser, and the indoor air-handling unit that contains the evaporator and blower. A conduit housing the refrigerant tubing, condensate drain, and power cable connects the two units. Since there is no ductwork required, installation is fast, simple and the unit can be installed without taking up window space or cutting large openings into the structure. See LENNOX ductless Mini-Split products.

Indoor Air Quality

Today’s homes are much more energy efficient than older homes and because of this, indoor air quality has become a potentially serious problem. Most of us spend about 90 percent of our time inside and this prolonged exposure to these pollutants can be dangerous especially for children, the elderly, and those with respiratory ailments.

The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. This may include air that is too dry or too humid due to specific health issues. EPA REPORT

A-Absolute can show you how the Healthy Climate® products from Lennox can help improve the quality of your home’s indoor air.


By adding humidity to heated, dry air, the air feels warmer, helps reduce dry skin, and static shock you can also lower the thermostat and still be comfortable, while saving money.


By removing moisture from sticky indoor air, dehumidifiers can help balance indoor humidity levels and minimize the potential for mold and other pollutants.
LENNOX has a line of quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers to suit your comfort and budget including:

  • Whole House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Bypass Humidifier
  • Steam Humidifier

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Power with maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, these products help to dramatically reduce concentrations of microorganisms such as mildew,Attic Fans
Qualifying LENNOX products for High efficiency Tax Credit and Rebates.
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Is My Air System Functioning Properly?
Maintaining the right temperature and humidity in your home is essential to good indoor air quality. Insufficient cooling can cause problems with mold and other airborne elements leading to allergies. Air duct maintenance cannot be overlooked.

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