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Expert Oil Tank Removal Services in New Jersey
Financing Available
We are DEP approved and are fully insured and bonded.
We are DEP approved and are fully insured and bonded. A-Absolute provides expert oil tank removal services and related services for residential and commercial customers, including:
  • Removals/Closures
  • Remediation
  • Tank Abandonment
  • Free detailed estimates/ 2nd Opinions
  • We Call and verify All Utilities are Marked Before we Dig
What is the process after contracting with A-Absolute to remove my underground oil tank?
A-Absolute will apply for and obtain all permits with the local New Jersey township. This process may take some time since the building department legally has up to 20 business days to review, process, and sign off on permits.
Obtain Utility Mark Outs
We will call all utility companies and request that they come and mark all utility locations on the property. This will be done during the time we are waiting for the permits since we have to wait 5 business days after the mark outs are completed before we are allowed to dig. (The property may be marked out more than once before the scheduled date of your oil tank removal).

Schedule Tank Removal

Once we receive the permit number issued from the township, we will arrange for all inspections that are required to be completed prior to the scheduled date of your tank removal.
Day of Work
On the day the work is performed, we will:
  • Pump out the tank
  • Dig out tank and cut an opening at the top of the tank
  • OSHA trained technician enters tank and cleans out sludge remaining in tank
  • Oil tank is removed from ground Township inspection of oil tank and area tank was removed from and pass or fail the inspection based on results of evaluation
  • If everything passes inspection*, A-Absolute will backfill the removal site to grade, tamp soil down and rake it out.
  • Oil tank contents and tank will be removed and taken to the proper facilities for safe disposal.
  • Once the soil is verified to be under the NJDEP action level, we will provide you with a certificate of removal for your records, which can be presented to your insurance carrier for a reduction in homeowner’s coverage. The certificate will also be important if you decide to sell your property anytime in the future.
*If the inspection fails, the inspector will require that we report your property to the NJDEP for assignment of a case number to track and document the situation. A- Absolute will assist you through the investigation and remediation process that will bring your property into NJDEP compliance.

For more information, contact the experts at A-Absolute, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also visit http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/ for more information regarding New Jersey tank removal regulations.

DEP License #331438 (Department of Environmental Protection)
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Do I need to have my underground oil tank removed?
In most cases, residential heating oil tanks either can be removed or abandoned in place if there have not been any leaks. Contact the experts at A-Absolute to determine which option is best for your circumstances.

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