Finding Plumbing Leaks in your Roselle Home

As a homeowner in Roselle, you want to be sure that you are taking all steps necessary to protect it your home from any potential problems. This includes making sure plumbing issues are identified and you can get the service you need as quickly as possible. Part of this means knowing how to find and identify plumbing leaks in your home, where they can arise, and the common problems they can cause. Here are ways to find plumbing leaks in your Roselle home.

Check the Water Meter

Before you check some of the common locations where plumbing problems occur, you want to check the water meter to determine if you have a leak. Turn off all water in the home and check the reading on the meter. Go two hours without using any of the water in the home and then check the reading again. If it has changed at all, you most likely have a leak somewhere in the home.

Check Exposed Pipes

Check under the sinks, behind toilets, around water heaters, and anywhere else water may flow into your home. If any of these pipes have leaking water, you can put a bucket underneath until help arrives to fix the issue. In some cases — such as with a washer — there may just be a loose hose, but if it’s something worse, you should call a plumber right away.

Check the Walls Around the Pipes

Exposed pipes are not the only location vulnerable to problems. You may also experience issues with pipes in the walls of your home. You may notice that the walls are water damaged or that the paint is beginning to bubble. These may be signs that your pipes are leaking and you need to get help as soon as possible.

Our Roselle plumbers at A-Absolute Plumbing have the experience you need to find a leak and work to fix the issue before you encounter any further issues. Take the time to have a professional come out, determine what issue you may be experiencing, and fix it so your home is back to normal.

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