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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Summer is coming up quick here in the Jersey borough of Roselle and throughout our state, and you’re going to want to keep your family cool at home with high quality AC. But when it comes to choosing an air conditioner you might ask yourself, what size air conditioner do I need? Let the technicians at A-Absolute Plumbing, Heating & Air help you make you make the right decision for your family.

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Problems with a Small Unit

If your home has an air conditioning unit that is too small, it will need to work very hard to cool your home. This will result in higher energy costs for you and the machine could wear out quicker than expected. All units have different lifespans depending on make and model, but usually, an air conditioner should last about 10-15 years with proper care.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

If you decide on an air conditioning unit that is too large, your home can actually be cooled too quickly. When your home stays too cool, your system will only run for short bursts causing high levels of humidity despite the cooler temperatures. High humidity can be detrimental to a home’s air quality, allowing mold and other pollutants to thrive.

A Properly Functioning System

Here at A-Absolute, we offer a variety of air conditioning systems for installation and service with our expert technicians. The two most common types are central air, which cool your entire home, and individual room air conditioners.
You can also choose a blend of the two, which is called a ductless mini-split system. This is an efficient and quiet alternative to a window air conditioning unit in homes without ducts for central air conditioning. Our technicians can also tell you about our humidifier or dehumidifier options to keep your family’s indoor air quality high.

Consult with a Professional

Our A-Absolute AC repair technicians are the best in the business, and they would love to discuss the top air conditioning options for the size and usage of your home. When you work with an A-Absolute expert, you can rest assured that your complete satisfaction is our biggest goal. Our professionals know what it takes to create a happy customer, with reliable service, honest pricing and genuinely amazing solutions.
If you have any questions about your current AC system, or would like to get a free estimate for a new system over the phone, call contact A-Absolute. We can’t wait to talk with you soon!’ezbook button icon