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Home Dehumidifier 

What is a Dehumidifier Used for in a Home?

Many people run dehumidifiers as an important component of their homes. However, many people are unsure what these do and why they are used. 

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At the most basic level, a dehumidifier is used to remove water and moisture from the air. However, the reason this is done varies depending on the home and even the room in the home. Doing so has a number of positive impacts on the home and can make it much more liveable. 

Home Dehumidifier

While some moisture is needed in your home, too much can lead to problems. Using a whole home dehumidifier can help prevent issues such as plumbing or pipe leaks. It can also keep your family safer by improving humidity and air quality.

Air Quality

Dehumidifiers also improve indoor air quality. They do this by removing some of the dust, allergens, and other particles from the air. These particles traditionally travel with the moisture in the air, so the dehumidifier removes them as it removes moisture. 

This is important because having good indoor air quality makes you healthier. After all, you breathe the air inside your home for most hours each day. If that air has issues, it will damage you more than bad air in other places. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time indoors, like people who work from home. 

Mold and Mildewmold on walls

No matter why a home is humid, this environment encourages mold and mildew growth. These issues grow best in warm and wet places. Mold and mildew give the room an unpleasant musty smell and are not something you want to get all over your clothes and furniture. Plus, they can lead to health issues.

With a dehumidifier, the humidity in the room is controlled. It prevents the room from ever getting to the point where mold or mildew can survive. 

Better HVAC Systems

Finally, dehumidifiers allow HVAC system elements to run better. Most air conditioners have to remove water from the air as part of their job. However, doing so requires the air conditioning unit to work harder and use more energy. Plus, since removing moisture is not the main goal of air conditioners, they aren’t as effective at this job as dehumidifiers. 

Because of this, having a dehumidifier can actually save money on electric bills. Their presence allows an AC unit to work less and spend less energy. Overall, the system is more efficient and ends up saving money. 

Every home is different. Some homes are dry and need a humidifier to be comfortable. Others have high levels of moisture within. Those with excessive moisture levels need a humidifier to prevent the mentioned problems.

This high level of humidity can even be different in each house. Some homes have certain rooms that deal with high levels of moisture. These can use a smaller dehumidifier. 

However, others deal with moisture all over and need a whole home dehumidifier. This may be the result of the way the home is positioned or how indoor and outdoor water interacts with it. These homes may need a whole home dehumidifier to take care of their humidity problems.

Dehumidifier Installation

The best way to get a dehumidifier in your home is to have one professionally installed. This integrates it directly into your home and ensures the installation is done properly. 

With A-Absolute Plumbing, we will install your dehumidifier for you. Our trained professionals will be sure to find an option that works well for your home and will address any issues that your home has. 

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