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Tips To Save Money on Heating This Winter

Tips To Save Money on Heating This Winter

No matter what time of year it is, everyone is interested in saving money. In winter, some of your largest expenses could be from your heating bill. It makes sense since you want to stay comfortable in your home regardless of the temperature outside. Yet, the more you use your heating system (or at least sitting it to high temperatures) will cost you more money. If you’re interested in saving a buck on your heating bill, continue reading. 

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Save Money on Heating this Winter 

Set a Thermostat Schedule

Some homeowners don’t realize that leaving their temperature to one setting all day could be costing them money. Instead, you should set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you or no one else is at home. Even when people are home, setting your thermostat to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night can help you save money over time. 

Close Curtains at Night

Closing your curtains at night time can help keep warm air in your home. Conditioned air can escape through windows, causing your heating system to work harder to keep you comfortable. The harder your heating system has to work, the more it’ll cost you.

Cover Your Water Heater

Although your water heater isn’t technically connected to your heating system, covering it can help you save money on energy bills. An exposed water heater may lose heat. However, covering your water heater can help it retain heat, which saves you money. 

Insulate Doors & Windows

Are your doors and windows drafty? All that cold air coming in is negating the progress your heating system is making. With proper insulation, you can stop cold air from flowing in and prevent warm air from escaping. You can use bubble wrap, towels, or weather stripping around the edge of exterior windows or doors. 

How to Stay Warm in the Winter

Sleep With Extra Blankets

If you don’t already sleep with extra blankets during winter, this is your sign to start. This is especially true if you’re taking our advice on setting your thermostat to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even opt for a heated blanket if you don’t like piling them on. 

Grab a Cup of Hot Tea or Coffee

Sipping on warm liquids throughout the day isn’t just comforting—it can help you stay warm. Go for that extra cup of coffee or tea. Feel the warmth of the cup around your hands and breathe in the heated air coming off it. 

Eat Warm Meals Like Soup

Just like hot tea and coffee, soup during winter is a surefire way to stay warm all winter long. Break out your culinary skills or grab your favorite can or pack of dry noodles and start feasting. 

Cover up the Cold Floor

Unless your floors are completely carpeted, they likely get a bit chilly during winter. One way to combat cold floors is strategically placing rugs around the house. Some areas to place a rug in are highly trafficked areas, your bedside, and in the kitchen. 

Wear Slippers Around the House

You’re unlikely to cover every cold spot on the floor with a rug—and you don’t have to. With a thick pair of slippers, you can keep your feet warm regardless of how chilly the floor is. 

Heater Maintenance Before Winter 

Ready for the ultimate money-saving tip on heating? It’s as simple as making a phone call to your local HVAC technician at A-Absolute for heater maintenance. Our team can take a look at your heating system to ensure it’s working properly. They will identify any potential or current problems your heating system is facing and provide you with solutions. 

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