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5 Foods That Will Damage Your Garbage Disposal

5 Foods That Will Damage Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal may seem like a good way to eliminate food waste. In most cases, simply tossing waste down the garbage disposal is easier than pulling it out of the sink and tossing it into the trash.

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However, treating a garbage disposal like this can be dangerous. Certain foods can damage a garbage disposal. This can cause it to work less or to break down over time.

Learn how to treat your garbage disposal and prevent foods from damaging it.

Eggshells in Sink Disposal

Eggshells in a garbage disposal are a big problem. These shells are delicate and, in the garbage disposal, grind down to a very fine powder. This powder can stick to liquids and solids in the garbage disposal to form a sludge. This sludge can then go on to clog the drain.

Coffee grounds in Sink Disposal

Coffee Grounds Damage Garbage Disposal

Wet coffee grounds are already a sludge-like mixture. When they have put down a garbage disposal, they mix with other materials and build up over time. This is the perfect recipe to clog the drain.

Rice and pasta

When you cook rice and pasta, they expand. When exposed to water, a few cups of rice or pasta will nearly double in size.

This is where the problem lies. Rice and pasta will often go into the disposal fine. However, once there, they expand significantly and create problems.

Fibrous vegetables

Vegetables with long, stringy fibers are great for your digestive health. However, they’re horrible for the health of your garbage disposal.

This is because the fibers can wrap around the blades of the disposal. This also prevents the blades from working since the fibers dull their impact. In some cases, the fibers can cause a tangle that stops the blades altogether, requiring a plumbing professional to fix them.

Grease and oil

Most people know grease and oil are bad for drains. However, they are just as bad for garbage disposal. This is because grease and oil go down as liquids but solidify over time. This lets them enter delicate places in the disposal, where they harden and cause problems.

Instead of putting grease and oil down the drain, set them in a disposable container. Once they have solidified, you can toss them in the trash instead.

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5 Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposal jam

A garbage disposal is filled with numerous moving parts. When something disrupts the movement of these parts, they jam up. This is one of the most common reasons a garbage disposal stops working.

A clogged sink disposal is often the result of large items that won’t break down, non-food items, bones, or any of the items listed earlier.

The garbage disposal is dead

A dead garbage disposal is one that refuses to turn on. You can hit the switch to activate it, only to be met by complete silence.

Often, this is due to a disruption in the process. The disposal plug may have come loose, the electrical switch may malfunction, or the breaker providing the disposal with power could have been tripped. Any of these issues would prevent the disposal from getting power and, thus, prevent it from working.

The issue could also be more serious. The disposal may have a serious issue that is preventing it from working. A cut wire or a broken motor will prevent the unit from working. In these cases, the services of a professional will be required to fix the issue.

The garbage disposal leaks

Foods Damage Garbage Disposal

In some cases, a garbage disposal will work all right but will leak everywhere. It could leak into the sink below or even into the dishwasher in units that drain into the dishwasher.

Leaks like these are usually the result of a plumbing issue. A seal may be worn out, or a connection may be loose. In most of these cases, a plumber will need to be called to fix the problem.

A humming noise comes from the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are usually pretty loud. When one is running, you usually won’t be able to hear much else that is going on in the room. That is why it is concerning if the disposal simply makes a humming noise instead of its usual roar.

This may be due to a jam in the disposal. The jam may be the result of something that was put into the disposal or some other issue. In any case, the disposal is trying to work, which makes the humming noise but can’t quite get going, which prevents the usual loud noise.

It may also be the result of an improper power connection. The disposal might be getting just enough power to run but not enough power to run properly. If this is the case, a professional plumber will need to look at the unit.

Weird smells coming from the garbage disposal

A garbage disposal takes on a bunch of gross food waste. In most cases, it can push this waste down the drain, where it exits the house. However, sometimes, this doesn’t happen. Small and large chunks of food will get caught in the disposal where they sit. As they sit, they rot and produce seriously disgusting smells.

Luckily, this is not a serious issue. It just means that the disposal needs to be cleaned. Some baking soda and vinegar will clear up most issues. However, more serious problems will require more intense cleaning methods.

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