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10 Reasons Your Thermostat is Not Reaching Set Temperature

10 Reasons Your Thermostat is Not Reaching Set Temperature

A home’s thermostat controls the HVAC system. Without the thermostat, there is no HVAC system. Without the HVAC system, heating and cooling don’t happen.

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This causes cascading problems when the thermostat malfunctions. Some dust, a loose wire, or another issue can throw off the thermostat. This throws off the entire HVAC process. When this happens, heating and cooling don’t happen as they should.

This article will explore a few of the reasons this happens. Being able to identify these reasons will provide you with the first step in fixing the problem.


10 Thermostat Problems That Are Affecting Your Home’s Temperature

The thermostat is dirty

Like anything in a house, thermostats get a little dirty over time. Dust and other debris will slowly build up on the thermostat. This isn’t much of a problem at first, but it can be problematic as the dust builds up. The dust can disrupt the thermostat’s ability to sense temperature properly. So, it might think the room is warmer or cooler than it really is.

A simple cleaning will help fix a dusty thermostat. By removing all the dust and debris, the thermostat has the best chance of correctly sensing the room. Wiping it down with a slightly moist cloth or paper towel is an effective solution.

There is a block in the vents

In some cases, the thermostat isn’t the issue. A set thermostat can send all the right signals, and the HVAC system can respond appropriately. In this situation, the whole system should work. Yet, it doesn’t.

Instead, a block in the vents stops the process. This will stop air from reaching the rooms and, thus, change the temperature. The block may be due to a vent that is too full of dust. The block could also come from a chair or other furniture that is blocking the vent.

The solution is to clear the obstruction. Cleaning the vent will remove any debris blocking the airway, and checking to make sure the vents aren’t blocked will ensure the air is getting to the room. Once this is done, things should return to normal.

The filters are dirty

The vents aren’t the only place where an obstruction can prevent airflow. Filters are designed to catch dust, dirt, and other debris. After a while, they will reach a point where the things they are catching will cause them to work less effectively or prevent airflow entirely.

The solution here is to replace the filter. Ideally, you should replace your filter every few months. Most filters even say how often they should be replaced.

The thermostat needs to be recalibrated

A thermostat that doesn’t know the right temperature is worthless. It won’t know when to heat or cool the room because it doesn’t know the temperature.

To keep a set thermostat running properly, regular recalibration is necessary. Without this, the thermostat can’t read the temperature correctly.

To see if a thermostat needs recalibration, check the room’s temperature. Compare this temperature to the temperature on the thermostat. If there is a difference, the thermostat should be recalibrated.

Call for your heating service appointment so we can check the calibration and recalibrate it if necessary. We can do this in a way that is more precise than other methods.

A wire came loose

Loose wires will prevent any electronics from functioning properly. This is true of thermostats as well. In some cases, a loose wire prevents a thermostat from working entirely.

Visually checking a thermostat is the best way to see if a wire is loose. If one is loose, it is possible to reattach it. However, having a professional handle it is the best course of action. They can repair the issue without accidentally reattaching the wire improperly.

The thermostat is completely broken

Sometimes, the problem with the thermostat isn’t fixable. Sometimes, it is just downright broken.

In these situations, you can try to repair the thermostat. However, repairs are costly and will leave you with a thermostat that is more likely to break down in the future. Because of this, the best option may be to replace the thermostat. In either case, a professional HVAC technician can help you.

The thermostat is improperly positioned

The position of a thermostat matters. A hot room will still have cold spots. A thermostat in one of these spots will think the room is cold, even if it isn’t. The opposite can also be true in a cold room with warm spots.

Because of this, thermostats should be placed in a neutral position in the room. Avoid putting it near windows, kitchens, and fireplaces. An HVAC technician can find this location with ease. They have the equipment to read the temperatures in the room and use this information to find the best place to position the thermostat.

The thermostat isn’t getting power

If a set thermostat isn’t getting power, it won’t work. In these situations, the best course of action is to book an air conditioning professional now to determine why this is happening. They will then be able to fix the issue.

The thermostat isn’t level

In some cases, a thermostat will be hung improperly or will start to fall off of the wall because it is coming loose. If a thermostat isn’t level, it won’t be able to sense the room’s temperature properly. Making it level again gives it the best chance of working properly.

The thermostat is too old

Thermostats wear down over time. Like any piece of technology, you shouldn’t expect your thermostat to last forever. As it gets older, it will start working less effectively. Eventually, it will likely fail altogether.

The only solution is to replace the thermostat with a new one. The good news is that a fresh, new thermostat will often go years without having to deal with this problem again.

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Call A-Absolute When Your Thermostat Is Not Working

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With us, you can ensure you get the most from your thermostat. This will allow you to run your heating and cooling without worrying about inefficiency or that problems will suddenly cause the system to stop working. Book your appointment now.