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This Simple Rule Will Keep Your AC From Working Too Hard

This Simple Rule Will Keep Your AC From Working Too Hard

Ever wondered how low you should set your thermostat on hot summer days? On the one hand, you want to be comfortable; on the other, you don’t want to overwork your air conditioning system or send your energy bills through the roof.

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Here’s a simple way to make sure you aren’t putting undue stress on your AC: Keep the thermostat within a 20-degree margin of the outside temperature. It’s called the “20-degree rule,” and is designed to help homeowners like you keep unnecessary stress off their air conditioning and their wallets.

Why 20 degrees?

Your AC does two things at once: removes hot air and dehumidifies it. Let’s say it’s 97 degrees outside and you set your thermostat to 67 degrees. By doing so, you actually decrease your AC’s ability to remove hot air and dehumidify effectively by forcing it to use more energy and work harder. Additionally, you run the risk of increasing the wear and tear on your air conditioning unit by deviating from the outside air temperature by more than 20 degrees.

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Home Cooler in the Summer

Adjusting your thermostat isn’t the only way you can keep your home cool during the summer. In fact, you can reduce energy usage and save money by helping your air conditioner cool your house. Here’s how:

  • Use ceiling fans. If you don’t have them, consider installing some in the most-used rooms of the house.
  • Consider getting a dehumidifier for your home. Dehumidifiers are usually small and relatively portable and can be purchased at most home-improvement stores.
  • Make your drapes do the heavy lifting. Keep heat from getting into your house in the first place by covering windows with drapes or curtains.
  • Don’t open doors or windows unless you absolutely have to. Even opening the door for a moment lets cool air escape!
  • Don’t use your oven unless you must. Summer’s a great time to break out the grill, especially if you want to avoid overheating your house.

Want more tips and tricks for you home? Check out our blog, see why AC maintenance is important, or call A-Absolute Plumbing, Heating & Air to learn about our service options!

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