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Why AC Maintenance is Important

Why AC Maintenance is Important

In most occasions, most of us seldom think about our heating and cooling systems; that is, until something goes wrong. To prevent something going wrong during the hot summer months — such as your cooling system breaking down or becoming dysfunctional — the best option is to set up an appointment for an HVAC maintenance check. Our New Jersey HVAC experts can help answer your questions about maintenance and why it’s so important.

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It is best to have your air conditioner checked in the spring season so you’re not rushing to make repairs when the weather is already reaching uncomfortable levels. Such a maintenance check could prevent an inconvenient breakdown. There are several clear reasons to do this such as keeping your HVAC system operating at high efficiency throughout all four seasons.

Regular Maintenance Can Help Lower Your Utility Bills

Another reason HVAC maintenance is important is that it will help to lower your utility bills. During an HVAC maintenance check, your technician will check for leaks and check your air filter to ensure that air is flowing freely through the filter. The air conditioner uses a thermostat to which a desired temperature is set. If something is wrong with the air conditioner, it may require more energy in order to work effectively, increasing the amount of your monthly bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

HVAC maintenance is also important for better indoor air quality. During the summer when humidity is high, mold can grow in your coils, duct work, and condensation pan.

  • Mold can aggravate allergies and asthma and can cause flu-like symptoms.
  • In addition, air conditioner maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC.
  • Research has shown that homeowners who have regularly scheduled maintenance on their AC and heating systems have units that last three times longer than those that have little to no maintenance.

Before you let anything happen to your air conditioning unit, call for maintenance service. This allows you to detect any potential problems, get small fixes complete to prevent bigger issues, and have peace of mind all summer long.

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